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Shreveport - AAPL Working Interest and Net Revenue Interest Seminar


Effects of Typical Lease Clauses | Granting Clause | Royalty Clause | Proportionate Reduction Clause | Assignment Clause | Pooling Clause | Analysis of Calculation & Concepts | Average Royalty vs. Weighted Average Royalty | TPF | Balancing Owner | Lease vs. Tract vs. Unit vs. Field wide Unit | Surface Average Allocation vs. Volumetric Allocation | Farmouts | JOA

 *** PLEASE NOTE:  This is an AAPL-sponsored seminar with registration handled by and through the AAPL.  If you have any questions, please call or email:

Taylor Rowland
(817) 847-7700

Earlier Event: July 26
Board Meeting
Later Event: August 30
Board Meeting