By J. N. Page (Humble Oil & Refining Company) 

The Ark-La-Tex Association of Petroleum Landmen is one of the older land associations in continued existence in the country, being organized shortly after the formation of the Mississippi Landmen's Association in 1944. It owes its early creation to the fact that Jack W. Hamilton had been a charter member of the Mississippi group.

Hamilton, then with Stanolind, now with Pan-Am international in Iran, was transferred to Shreveport, Louisiana. Charles T. "Scotty" McCord, Jr., then with Lyons and Prentiss, now with McCord Oil Company, learned of the Mississippi Association through conversations with Hamilton. He saw the usefulness of such an organization and began to talk about having one in the Ark-La-Tex area. With the enthusiasm and organizing ability of McCord, the association was soon a fact.


2017 - 2018

Jeremy Harris, CPL - President
Bill Bowdon - Vice President
Cindy Ashford, RPL - Treasurer
Josh Rambo - Secretary

Paul Wood - AAPL Director
Amy Hicks
Anna Rachal
Michael Gardner
Matt May
Pedro Pizarro
Marvin Townsend
Shawn Meyer
Joseph Collier, CPL
Leland Horton - Past President
Louise Pearce CPL/ESA - Most Trusted Advisor


Revised 2008

The name of the Association shall be “ARK-LA-TEX ASSOCIATION OF PROFESSIONAL LANDMEN,” hereinafter sometimes referred to as “ALTAPL” and/or the “Association.”


The site of the headquarters of ALTAPL shall be in the City of Shreveport, Parish of Caddo, State of Louisiana.


The purpose of the ALTAPL shall be to serve as an unincorporated professional organization for men and women engaged for pecuniary gain or profit, but to inspire and maintain a high standard of professional conduct according to a Code of Ethics, to recognition and improved standing for the Landman in the industry and in the community, to provide and promote the furtherance of education and educational opportunities for the personal professional development of all members of the Association, as well as for selected scholarship recipients, if any, and to encourage and promote involvement in local, state, and national issues which affect the mineral and energy industries.


More information coming soon.

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